Closet Organization

Hi everyone!
I'm linking up with one of my favorite blogs, Ladybug's Teacher Files and Fun in Room 4B for the last Optimum Organization link party!

Today I wanted to share my closet organization. I just moved rooms (and grades) this summer, so I wanted to get my cupboards organized just right as I moved things from room to room. Last year, I had one closet, my math manipulatives closet, that was organized really well. Boxes were labeled nicely and everything was where kids could get things and easily put them away.
Here's last year's math closet:

I wanted to recreate this in my new cupboards! My new room actually has a TON of storage, probably four times as much as my old room! It took a lot of time... and a lot of shoe boxes (I only use shoe boxes from the Container Store), but hopefully it'll make my life easier next year!
Here is my art cupboard! I'm so lucky to have enough space for just art supplies!

I would highly suggest putting time into making labels. I found this style about 2 years ago on KinderTastic... this blog gave me so much inspiration for my first year of teaching! I actually ended up recreating them in PowerPoint and added my own pictures to match all my stuff. My new math closet is similar to last year's. I liked having my cubes in their own tubs for passing out to tables. I had to train my students to take them all apart before putting them away, but hey, I think it's great for kids to learn how to put things away nicely ;)
Anyway, enjoy!


  1. I just found your cute blog through the linky party! I love how organized your closets are. Organizing my classroom closets is on my list of things to do this school year. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Teaching Is Sweet

  2. I need to organize my cabinets!!! Would love to do something like this!