Throwback Thursday!

For my first content post, I wanted to do a Throwback Thursday!

Today I'm going to Throwback to a post from my first grade blog -- My crate seats! I'm using these at my guided reading table this year and I'm planning on making my file cabinet match :)


I finally got around to making those awesome crate seats that have been floating around blogland and pinterest for the last couple of years. I am SO happy with how they turned out!!

Love them!!!

After searching for the perfect crates, I decided to use these Itso cubes from Target. They're a little taller than regular file crates and I thought it would work out better for my 2nd graders (I taught a 1/2 split last year). They're nice and sturdy, but are a little more spendy. I used 2" foam (I bought it already cut into squares with Joann coupons over a few weeks) to make them nice and comfy. After reading about Kerri's crate seats after year 1, I decided to go with the vinyl fabric as well. I got it for pretty cheap with a 50% off fabric coupon at Joann's. I was actually pretty unenthusiastic about these seats until I added the scrapbook paper on the outside. Now I love them! I used some of my favorite school papers and the 12x12 paper fits EXACTLY into the sides of the Itso crate. I used four different designs on each seat so they're extra fun and colorful. I am so pleased with them! Here's another view:

And here's the view with my desk:

They match of course! I love my little red table and now I love my little seats to go with it!

Hope you like my take on the crate seats!

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