Five for Friday - 9/20/13

Hi everyone!
Sorry I've been MIA... beginning of the school year is so busy (as you all know)! I wanted to pop in for a Five for Friday

1. Dot Day

Last Monday, we celebrated Dot Day! If you haven't heard of this, check it out here! We had an all school assembly and read the book together, then each class made their own Dot Day themed art! Kindergarten decorated plates with BINGO daubers, which was very fun for them! They were SO excited to "paint"!

2. The Wheels on the Bus
We read "The Wheels on the Bus" this week to practice our sight word "the"! The kids were SO excited to see so many "the"'s in the poem! We made these cute buses to go along with it! 

We also read Pete the Cat's Wheels on the Bus. They loved it!!! We are rockin' in our school shoes FOR SURE!

3. Choice Centers
Choice Centers are new for us this year. We have about 15 minutes each day to let kids just be kids! I'm working on finding more centers for them, especially dramatic play. I found a wooden train set at Ross and they are loving it! I'm also having fun adding things to my little play-sink!

4. Open House
Open House for us is next week! We've been busy getting projects ready to display. I can't wait to do more activities from Deanna Jump's Names unit! We'll be doing the rainbow names next week! We did our "A My Name is..." Self-Portraits and they came out a lot better than I anticipated! I'm excited to display them for families next Thursday!

5.  I can't think of anything else to put for #5... here are some random things! I've been watching Sons of Anarchy and playing Warcraft... I'm ready to nerd-out this weekend and relax! Phew! Two weeks of kindergarten down!!

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  1. hello! I found you through the link with Doodle bugs. I love those bingo daubers too! They work great for kids who have issues with regular paint also. Your choice centers look great, have a good year. Paula @ educating children with

  2. Hi Kaia,

    I popped over to visit you from the Five for Friday linky.

    This year I've found that the best way to gather resources for dramatic play centers is to have a little noticeboard near the door of my classroom with a list of things that I would love donated. For example, I asked for old keyboards and telephones, and now I have them in an office themed play box, with notepads, stationery and old folders etc. My kidlets love it! You'd be surprised what people have lying around in their garage that you could use! :)

    Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!

    1. I love the office playbox idea! Thanks for the great idea!

  3. How cool is it that there is an international dot day?! Thanks for the info. Following! Jayne
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