Wonderful Idea Wednesday

Hi everyone! Today is Wonderful Idea Wednesday and I'm linking up with Freebielicious!

My "wonderful idea" might not work for everyone, but it definitely works for me! 

My classroom is full of giant cabinets (sounds great, right?) but there is NO wall space! You can see what I mean in this picture:

The only wall space shown is the tiny triangle above the whiteboard where I have my alphabet, and I only have two small bulletin boards squished between windows:

With no wall space, where do you hang pocket charts, set up your calendar, and hang anchor charts? My wonderful idea is to use a rolling pocket chart rack.

I actually got this idea from my mentor teacher while student teaching. She had her calendar on a rolling rack and I thought it was just the coolest idea ever. Mine is from Lakeshore.
You can see my rolling rack tucked back by the giraffe on the right:

On one side I keep my calendar and the other side I have the "Letter of the Day" pocket chart. I love being able to just flip it around after calendar and start using it again! It's also handy to just move out of the way when we're done with it. I also like being able to easily switch out which pocket charts I have on there.

Another handy thing I use this rack for is as a picture backdrop. I move it to where I want it, drape some fabric over it and ta da! an easy photo background. I have kids take pictures on the first day for me to use on their check-in magnets. I'll do another post on my check in board later when I have pictures. Here's an example of a picture taken with fabric draped over the rolling rack:

Cute, right? That's it for my Wonderful Idea! I hope you saw something interesting! For more wonderful ideas, head over to Freebielicious!


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  1. Great idea! I've been in lots of classrooms with little wall space!

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