How I Do It - Lining Up

Hi everyone!
Here's another peek into how my classroom works!

This year I have a whopping 27 kindergarteners! I've never had problems getting kids in line, but this year there were just so many that they were winding around and around the classroom. I've seen the idea around where teachers put numbers on the floor to help kids find their spot, but I was hesitant to try it because I have both carpet and tile where students line up. This summer, I purchased these calendar numbers (because rainbow) and got them ready for the floor.
After the first few days of school, I decided that we REALLY needed them! I used clear contact paper to tape the numbers on the tile, then I used velcro to attach the numbers to the carpet. So far, they haven't moved!

They have to wind around the tables and chairs, but it works! I spaced them about 10" apart.
 Every year, I have my students line up alphabetically by first name. This is how I do line order. Sometimes I switch it up and do "backwards line order" and reverse it, but last year the kids didn't seem to mind staying the same the whole year. I like doing it alphabetically because I can easily tell who is in the wrong place and see if anyone is missing. One of my teaching super powers is that I can memorize my entire class list alphabetically and recall it pretty easily, so this method of lining up works well for me! I know other teachers give their students numbers, and that would definitely make it easier. My students know that when they line up they go to a certain number in the classroom, but outside they just look for friends that they stand by.

Adding the number spots on the floor has definitely sped up our line up process. I can have kids line up all at once and more quickly because they know exactly where to stand.

Another trick that I use is that I put painters tape in the hallway where I want them to stop. Since the line is so long, I have trouble watching kids as they come out of the classroom and also be there to tell them where to stop. It has only been 13 days of school, so we're still getting the hang of things, but the tape definitely helps!

That's it for today! I hope that was helpful for you! See you next time!


  1. That's a LOT of kindies! The one time I taught kindergarten they milled all around when I was trying to line them up. It was like herding cats LOL! Super idea to get them in order!
    Always Primary