Hello everyone!
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This summer I painted my room (the district pays for supplies, but teachers do the labor) and I felt that my sink area was just a little too bland...

I really wanted to do a cool backsplash or add some color somehow, and after lots of thinking, I came up with... wall stickers!! There are so many great things to do with wall decals! I added a fun grass border and some jungle animals and voila! No more boring sink!

I got my fun jungle animals from Target, but you can find the same set on Amazon here. The grass border is from Lakeshore. The stickers were SO easy to use, I could even take them off and reposition them without ruining my freshly painted walls. It was such an easy way to add a pop of color.

I'll slowly be posting images from my classroom as I get things done... I've been going in pretty frequently to just get things put away and cleaned up. Still have a lot to go!!

I'm SUPER excited to use these lanterns in my room this year:

I'm glad I was able to order these before they went out of stock!! I'm planning on using them above my tables with a shape hung underneath. I'm really loving the tropical colors and polka dots this year!!

My last mission for the summer (I think) is to find a light blue table caddy from Michaels. I was able to find the pink, yellow, and lime green caddies but I haven't seen any of the blue yet!! I'm really hoping I can find one before school starts!


  1. Cute blog! Glad I found it. Great looking backsplash. I wish I could paint and whatnot in my room. Definitely could revamp my sink area though with pics! (it's just small!)

    Mrs. Thigpen's Kindergarten

    1. Thank you!! Our building is VERY old and unfortunately we're not on the list for a remodel anytime in the near future... so they let us beautify the school (ha!). Thanks for the comment! I'm your newest follower!

  2. I'm moving to a public school this year and I have yet to see my room! Your backsplash looks very inviting now :-).

    1. Thank you! Congrats on your public school position!!

  3. Very cute backsplash! I tried some wall stickers, but the rough concrete wall did not keep them up....
    The lanterns I LOVE! My mom and I made some tissue balls for my class and I want more, I love the bright colors!

    1. Oh man, concrete is tough! I have to deal with a wall made of carpet, so I started using velcro on the back of everything! I hear hot glue works well on concrete walls if you're having trouble hanging stuff! I think Cara Carroll from the First Grade Parade had a good tutorial about using painters tape on the back of your item, then putting a line of hot glue on the tape. That way it just peels off nicely when you take it down :) Your room will look fabulous! I'm loving all the lanterns and tissue ball decorations coming up this year!