Monday Made It!

Hi everyone! Today I'm linking up with Tara from 4th Grade Frolics for her Monday Made It!

 I have been so inspired by the decorations I've been seeing all over Pinterest! A little while ago I found Maria Manore over at Kinder-Craze and I LOVED her DIY book banner! I set out to make one for my classroom (with lots of help from my mom)! I too had so many book covers that I had saved and just couldn't throw away. This was the perfect way to display them in the classroom and turn reading into a decoration!

I modified the strategy a bit from Maria, so I'll show you how I went about doing it.

I trimmed up the book covers and laminated them. I had trouble committing to a specific order (I change my mind about things A LOT) so we came up with using clothespins instead of hot glue. This way, I could change out book covers as I please and I was able to change around the covers to match my space.

The first thing I did was hang the ribbon. I put nails in the wall about 5' apart and tied the ribbon to each nail for stability.

You can see a mid-point nail and my beautiful carpet wall here ;)

Here's one end that I tied off.
Next, I added the book covers! I laid them out and used the main colors and shape of the cover to decide where to put them. I wanted my favorites front and center. I used different color ribbon for each book cover and tied bows around the clothes pins.

 Here is my finished book banner! I've already gotten lots of compliments from teachers passing by! Sorry about the quality of my photos--they were taken with my cellphone. I should work on bringing my real camera to school more often!

Hope you like it! Thank you to Maria Manore for all her awesome DIY tutorials and inspiration!