Five for Friday - August 30th

Hi everyone!
I'm back after a week hiatus for the Five for Friday by Doodle Bugs!
1. I'm sending home these cute postcards for my new kinders! They were SUPPOSED to match our Welcome bulletin board, but unfortunately our bulletin boards won't be installed until after school starts! Bummer :( I'm making due though with another DJ Inkers set I've had stashed away. I'm thinking we can do the Chicka Chicka bulletin board after school starts and have the kids decorate their own letter. Makin' it work!!

2. Phillip Lim for Target - Is anyone else excited for this?? Personally, I really like the Target collabs (except for maybe the flop of a Neiman Marcus holiday collab..) and I'm excited to pick up a few pieces from this collection. I've got my eye on a few things...

Love the white ruffle shirt with the leather jacket.

3. Went to my classroom today to finish up a few things before next week (we meet with parents on Wednesday, but no kids until next Monday). I finished up my whiteboard markers:
 Yep, Pinterest inspired of course. I actually used these last year and I just LOVE them. I feel like these have my own personal spin on them. Here's what I like about using the thin Expo markers. First of all, they're all black. Black erases better and there's no arguing about so-and-so having my favorite color and I don't like this color and I always get blue and blah blah blah. I also like that when you take off the cap, you can stick it on the end and the eraser becomes SUPER USEFUL! I've seen other markers with pom poms on Pinterest and if you glue the pom pom to the end of the fat markers, you can't store the cap on the end (you know, because the little end piece fits into the back of the marker... you know what I'm talking about!). But with the thin markers it just works!

Ta da!!

I also found that you can have kids practice writing something once, THEN have them ERASE IT to practice it again! (Very similar to the Handwriting Without Tears "Wet/Dry/Try") I actually discovered this on accident one day and I had this huge epiphany in the middle of the lesson. It was like the clouds opened and I said to myself "I'm a genius!!!". Ha! 

Neat, right??
Anyway, I really like using the pom poms on the thin markers. I only had to replace pom poms once during the whole year, and that was mostly because I didn't like having them dirty. You could probably get away with not replacing them at all. 
It did take a little training on not picking at the pom poms and not whining about what color you got. But really I had to say it once and that was that. The kids really liked the pom poms and wanted to take care of them.

4. The other day I decided to stop by Nordstrom Rack... just to look, you know... and I decided to pick up some new flats for school. I didn't want to spend much (it's the end of the month and you know how hard it is for us teachers!!) so I found some white flats for about $17 on clearance. Great deal, right? Well I got up to the cash register and they rang up for.... $0.01. Yes. ONE PENNY. I literally handed the cashier a penny and walked out with shoes. I've actually seen this happen to other people online, but never thought it would happen to me. DREAM BIG PEOPLE! It can happen to you!!

Here are the shoes. Very innocent looking, right?

BAM! ONE PENNY!! I almost gave her my Nordstrom card... you know, for the points and all, but I decided to go with cash on this one. 

5. As an OCD crazy person, I'm always looking at different ways to file things. Or organize things. I saw this post on Teacher to the Core about using clear, labeled sheet protectors to store worksheets and masters and I really like it! I'd love to try it this year... we'll see how ambitious I am!

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  1. A penny? Yipeeeee and they are so cute! gotta love Nordstrom Rack! Great find!