Teacher Week '13 - Classroom Tour

Hi everyone!
I am so excited for today's Teacher Week posts! I love seeing other classrooms--there's just something about seeing how different people use spaces differently! This will be my third year teaching... and my THIRD classroom to set up! I get really anxious to start setting up for the new year as soon as the school year ends! I love decorating and finding new and different ways to set things up.

If you want to check out my different classrooms, head over to My Classrooms page! I did a previous post about this year's room, but I wanted to take new and brighter pictures. I also changed the set up slightly (already!) to make my projector work a bit better with my whiteboard.

And now for the main event... this year's Classroom Tour!
View walking in the door

Looking at the front of the room from the door area

Looking at the library from the door area. You can also see into my teammate's room!

My front board and carpet. You can get the numbers above my whiteboard here.

Cabinets behind my desk and name banner. Oops, a door was open!

View from my desk. I think I'm going to trade out the trapezoid table for a rectangle table.

Library view

Library view from the other side.I have too many books!

View of the (messy) sink area

Cubbies and my rainbow bulletin board display that I love

Tables and the front of the room.

I'm mostly done with the set up... I'm going to have 25 kids so I'm going to have to change my 4 tables of 6 kids... I'm still trying to figure out how I want to do that! Let me know what you think!

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  1. Depends how big the rectangular table is that you get to replace the trapezoid table. If it is the same length as the trapezoids, you could put it in the middle of two of them and put 7 kids at one set of tables. Or, you could have less kids at the trapezoid tables and have 4-6 kids at the rectangular table.

    I love how all of the tables are coordinated with lanterns and baskets of the same color! I have the same goodbye cards that I use when my students leave for the day. They love the silly sayings!

    Tacky the Teacher

    1. Oooh I love that idea of turning the hexagons into octagons!!!! That's brilliant! I'll be measuring my trapezoids to see what size rectangle I need! That would totally solve my problem!! Thank you!!

  2. You can never have too many books! I am your newest follower!:)
    Kinders on the Block

    1. Thank you!! That's what I keep telling myself... haha!

  3. I agree with Desiree, you can never have too many books! In fact, when I saw your pictures, the first thing I thought was Wow! What a great library!

    1. Thank you!! As a new teacher my first thought was "How can I get kids excited about reading books when I don't have any?!" So I went out and got a little crazy at Goodwill ;)