An Update and a Link Party

Hi everyone! I'm checking in for an update about our last week of October!

We had an amazing Halloween! We're lucky at our school and we all get to dress up for the day. TONS of kids dressed up this year--there were some really great costumes!! Here's my class:
Check out the face paint on that Stitch!! My teaching partner was Princess Leia to go with my Vader. (We're awesome)

I'll be changing up my Reader's Workshop stations a bit this coming week, so I'm going to see how it goes! I know that changing routines for kinders is tough, but I'm hoping the new system will work better in the long run.
This week I'm planning on using Kim Adsit's Interactive Chart for the Five Little Ducks. I'm so excited to use it!! I KNOW my kids will love it!

Now, time for the link party! I saw this one on TGIF! and I love seeing how other schools schedule their day. Here's our current schedule:
9:05 - Pick up kids, attendance, putting backpacks away, Morning Message
9:15 - Calendar
9:30 - Math
10:25 - Phonics
10:40 - Snack
10:45 - Reader's Workshop
11:33 - Lunch
12:20 - Read Aloud
12:30 - Handwriting
12:40 - Writer's Workshop
1:15 - Shared Reading
1:25 - Specialist
2:10 - Recess
2:25 - Content (ST Math in the computer lab or science/social studies)
3:15 - Choice Centers
3:35 - Pack up and go home

Check out TGIF's Link Party to see other schedules!


  1. Your day looks so similar to my last year's schedule! Thank you so much for linking up :)


    1. Wow, thank you for checking out my post! I feel honored!! (is that silly? ha!) I love your blog!