Art and Some Math Talk

Hi everyone!

Is anyone else as excited as I am for a three-day weekend?! I was just thinking that I needed a day off this morning (I know it's only Tuesday!).

Today we had lots of fun with paint. One of my student's mother teaches preschool art, so I invited her in to teach an art lesson! My kids have been DYING to paint (they ask me almost every day) so she brought a few different painting projects for us to do!
The first project we did involved marbles and trays. She explained the primary colors and that you can make a new color by mixing the primary colors. She demonstrated how you can put just red, yellow, and blue paint in the tray and, by moving the marbles, make new colors!

The next project we did involved fly swatters! You can buy these awesome flower/butterfly fly swatters at the Dollar Tree, 2 for $1! We used rollers to put paint on them, then experimented with texture and color!
I'm so excited that we got to do something like this! It was a major project to get all the supplies ready and keep the carpet free from paint, but we did it! I was a little silly and wore a WHITE, LONG SLEEVED shirt to school today, ha! I made it out with only a tiny bit of blue on my arm :)
I've been saving these old white shirts for about 3 years now and finally got to use them! I'm just wishing I had more than 1 sink in my room ;)

In other news, we've been working on measuring in math. I made this chart to help my students with all the big math words we've been using. I'm hoping that they will refer to it when they come across these words in their workbook. We'll see how that goes!
Have a fun week! I'm hoping to check in again before the weekend! I just have to remember to take pictures of all our smart learning ;)

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