The 100th Day!

Hi everyone!

Well with February coming to an end, it's time to recap the happenings in my room! We had a fun Valentine's Day celebration but didn't do much other than that... it was just a crazy week! (I take that back, we graphed some conversation hearts during math).
Unfortunately my camera AND phone died on Valentines, so I wasn't able to get any pictures! Sad! But we decorated heart-shaped rice krispie treats (I have a gluten allergy this year) and passed out Valentines. It was a great day!
My school did a whole-staff "Random Act of Kindness" for Valentines and it was amazing! So many teachers did such wonderful things for each other! I received the best gift ever--a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom velcro palm tree!!!

Our 100th Day came a LOT later than pretty much everyone else... Our kindergarteners didn't start school until three days after the rest of the school (we did parent conferences on the first three days of school) and we also didn't count conference days when students didn't actually come to school, so we JUST had our 100th day this week! I have never done so many 100th Day activities in my LIFE! But the kids had a blast and we were busy all day long!

We colored our 100 glasses...

We shared our 100th Day projects...

We did 100th Day centers...
using 100 cups to make a structure

And we had a 100th Day snack!
Each student brought 100 of a snack item and we mixed it together to make a trail mix!
We also finished up our science unit on the Five Senses!
I set up a popcorn air-popper while the kids were at Music so they would walk in and hear a straaaaaange, mysterious noise... then they smelled a familiar smell... and we revealed the popper and popcorn! It was MAGICAL to watch the popcorn spilling out of the popper!! I would highly recommend doing a similar activity! So many of my kids had NEVER seen popcorn being popped before! They used all of their senses to experience the popcorn, and we recorded it on a sheet (while enjoying our popcorn).
My recording sheet is from Kathryn Warner's Five Senses unit (which is awesome, btw).
Next, I decided that we should experience a "bitter" taste... with unsweetened chocolate.
I told the class that I had some chocolate for them to try. You should have heard the cheers. The horrays! The "you're the best teacher ever!"'s. I chopped the chocolate into tiny pieces and explained that they had to wait until everyone had some before enjoying... Then I got my camera ready...
It took them a few seconds to realize that their "yummy" chocolate treat was NOT so yummy...
Then I had everyone running to the trash to spit it out and rinse their mouth out with water, HA! They talked about how I tricked them for the rest of the day!! Annnndd now they know what bitter is ;)

We'll be starting our next science unit on Weather next! I'm excited because there are so many resources out there for weather!! Weather is a new unit for kindergarten this year--it was previously a 1st grade unit, but new standards have moved it down (next year we won't be doing Five Senses). I taught 1st grade the last two years, so I'm pretty familiar with the weather kits (and I have some great ideas for how to supplement it this year)! I'll try to update more frequently this next month! We're on the downhill!!

In other news, I'll be throwing a TpT sale along with the code this week (2/27-2/28), so check out my TpT store if you're looking to pick up a few new things for your classroom!

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