Fun Friday

Hi everyone! Today is the last day of Freebielicious's link party! It's Fun Friday!

One way that we have fun in my classroom is by using music and singing! I am a huge fan of HeidiSongs and I own almost all of her DVD's and CD's. I use songs to help my students remember and practice letters, numbers, sight words, and phonics. One of my favorites is Alphabet Action! Here's a clip from Heidi's youtube page:

I use Alphabet Action (I play the song on my old school CD player) as a transition from phonics into Reader's Workshop and I use lots of songs during transitions and during snack. I've also written the words out on chart paper and we read them like poems and look for sight words and spelling patterns.

That's it for today! I spent a few hours in my classroom today working on my classroom library. I've been taking out ancient books and books that were hardly used and I'm either giving them to my students or saving them for my own future home library. I can't wait to share it when it's done!


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  1. That's the second time this summer I've been reminded how great music is for transitions. I used to always play something calming for those times. Wonder why I stopped? Good luck with your library!
    Always Primary