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Hi everyone! I've been working on finally getting some new products into my TpT store. These are a couple of things I've actually been using for the last few years, but haven't had time to "TpT-ize" them. Ha!

I use Lucy Calkins' Writer's Workshop model in my classroom for writing time, so we use these writing folders every day! I like to use the folders with prongs so that I can add a sheet protector in the middle. My students keep their rubrics and mini anchor charts in the protectors as a reference. It's been working well!

I always keep a stash of Avery shipping labels on hand. My teaching partner and I buy them in bulk at Sam's Club and split it. I've been using so many of these labels just because they're so much easier than taping things on.

My next product is for Spring Break! I know it's super far away, but I wanted to just get it done and up!
I always struggle with giving homework over vacations and breaks. On one hand, I want my students to continue thinking and working, but I also want them to take a break and have fun! Unfortunately, unless homework is provided for students to work on, they rarely work on anything academic. I want to build good study habits and give my students a little more writing practice at home.

I've been using this Spring Break Adventures booklet for the last 2 years and I've had really great success with it! We give a little homework each day, but it rarely comes back (many families work multiple jobs and don't have much time at home). I really pump up this book and I let students share it when we come back from break. It's simple enough for kindergarten students to use, but also allows them to practice writing. They can draw pictures and write what they want on the lines. I think they are super cute and I love to see what my students do during the break! I also included a cover that just says "My Vacation Adventures!" and I'm planning on giving it to students that travel for extended periods of time during the school year. It's super easy to prep and no mass-copying of worksheets!

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