What Worked Well Wednesday

Hi everyone! Sorry this post is so late, I had a RAID tonight, ha!

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I was trying to find a good picture of this in my room but no such luck ): I will try and post a picture next week when I'm in my classroom!

Anyway, something that worked well in my classroom last year (and past years) was my helper system.

My first year of teaching I tried out the whole class job system. I had a chair pusher-inner, litter patrol, lights, doors, plants, and on and on and on! I was so HORRIBLE at managing and remembering everyone's job each week!

What works for me, and what I've really liked, is having ONE "Teacher's Helper" each day, and a Star of the Week.
Here's what each job does in my classroom:

The Teacher's Helper is a new student each day. One of the first things I have my students do is to color in their name. It's super simple, but it gives them some ownership of their little name card, which I like, and it's a quick way for me to see their creativity :) Here's what my little name cards look like:
I laminate them and put them in a little stack under my apple pocket chart. Each day I just take the card on top and stick it in the pocket chart.
I did find a picture of the pocket chart in my class, this is a cheesy Halloween picture, and my classroom is a MESS!!!!! (don't judge, it was Halloween) but you can see it in action!

Like how I have the same costume as a student? Ha! Vader twins :) I let him borrow my helmet for the picture.

ANYWAY! The Teacher's Helper gets special jobs throughout the day. They get to lead us through Calendar and they are also the door holder. If I need help passing papers or other random things, they can help me with that too.

My Star of the Week is a special spotlight student for the week. This person gets to bring a share item each day and gets to be the line leader every day of that week. The Star of the Week can also help me with random tasks throughout the day. It's pretty simple! I also have the Star of the Week fill out an All About Me poster over the previous weekend and share it on Monday. I really like these posters from Oriental Trading:

Oriental Trading actually has some really cute All About posters!

So, yup, that's how I do "helpers" in my classroom! It works really well for me and I don't have to remember anything besides switching out the name card each day (and the kids ALWAYS remind me if I forget!).

If you do different helper jobs, how do you manage it all? You're a rock star in my eyes!!

On another note, I was away all day at my National Board Jump Start and I have SO MANY Periscopes to catch up on! AH!!! But also very excited to see all the neat videos! Periscope is so fun, you should definitely check it out! Ashley at Schroeder Schnanigans in 2nd and Angie from Lucky Little Learners have some great walk-throughs for getting started on Periscope if you want to check it out!


  1. I have head a lot of teachers say they just use one student a day to do all the classroom jobs. I think that's so neat and super easy to keep track of!
    Thank you so much for sharing your trick with us, I had a great time reading about it! Have a wonderful week and a great beginning of the year!!

    Kindergarten Dragons

  2. I'm with you- I can't handle student jobs. Way too much to keep track of and teach them. I usually just pull a stick from the jar randomly, but I love the idea of them coloring in their name! I'm going to try that this year!

    Love the Vader outfit too! I'm making one of my coworkers some Star Wars themed goodies for her classroom!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Mrs. Garcia's Super Scholars!