Shape Posters and More!

Hi everyone!
I totally didn't mean to go so long without an update! I was in training all week last week with Teacher's College learning about Lucy's new Reading Units of Study!
I'm super excited to use these this year! Stay tuned for more about it when I actually start teaching it :)

I've also been trying to get a few more products up in my TpT Store. I just posted my shape posters:

Right now I'm throwing a sale! My three newest products are 20% off! Check out my

We go back to "official" work this week with trainings, and school starts next week! I've been busy continuing to clean out my closets and reduce the clutter in my room! I have this bad habit of just setting things inside my closets in front of all my nicely organized stuff... you can see from my math closet's "before" picture:
So I pulled everything out, added more shoes boxes, and took things home that I didn't need at the moment:
(Ignore the random pink cube on the floor ¬_¬)

I've also been working on getting my bulletin boards up! Here's my welcome board for the year:

I'm actually going in today and I'm fixing up the wording... "kinder" friends makes it sound like I'm saying "Your friends aren't nice enough--get kinder ones!" I think I'm going to have it say "Pick some new friends in kinder" or something like that. My biggest problem was that I only had one "n" and couldn't finish "kindergarten". I was inspired by Preschool PlayTime's "Pick A New Friend" board.

Well, that's all for today! Thanks for stopping by!

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